Drive Your Business with Special Offers & Promotions

“Cheaper the price”; this phrase doesn’t appeal everyone. Sales & discounts are not workable on every customer. Are you wondering what kind of special promotions are needed to indulge customers & drive more business??? The answer to this is simple & concise that different kinds of promotions stand out to be for variety of customers; this blog is for the print business service company that how some different offers work for them?


Free Samples:

Don’t let your customers under any doubt regarding the services; free sample give away is an exceptional approach to reach the customer’s mindset. It is also a nice strategy to advertise your brand. For print services, you can give away key chains, pens & others as souvenirs. This is how customers look into your style & quality for a better decision making in choosing you as their business promoter.


Promo Codes: 

Sometimes your business sale is stuck & you want to run the business at a faster pace; boosting the sales & get the capital returns. Irrespective of the service or product, the idea of promo code is best which will give discount on the overall shopping cart. This will urge the buyer to finalize the purchase quicker. 


Free Delivery/Shipping:

The Shipping cost usually drive away the potential customer, as it gets out of budget with additional charges & taxes. Customers are more attractive to the offer of free shipping as it will cost them as to receive by hand. It is the incentive that Gem Creatives offer, especially for print services. It is a common observation that around 80% of Canadian likes online shopping when shipping is free.


Buy One Get One Free: 

This is mine favorite deal, I always wondered that how can someone get two things in price of one J. This was childhood fantasy; but its equivalent to 50% discount. I wouldn’t amuse at all that people do consider it while shopping. So for print services we can say for banner get the pull up banner.



Increase the revenue generation or promote your business initially with vouchers. This will make people have a first interaction with your services or they can opt it for the timely promotions to get their work done before it expires.Vouchers turned out to be cost-efficient 



Customers availing your services could be benefited with giveaways or lucky draws. It is a promotion that will work to maintain your royal customers as they will feel you are paying them back in good. This will increase interaction and trust in the business.


Which Idea Is Correct For Me?

There could be many possibilities and scenario that you need to understand before offering any promotional element of your business brand. This could be

  • Promoting your older version to a new one?
  • Are you in search of more audience or buyers?
  • Increase sales with loyal & new customers?

You better know your target but selecting any of the above could be beneficial amd customer-oriented.