Latest Trends in Digital Marketing

The technological era is moving fast; every day we come up with the launch news of innovative gadgets & software. The market leaders are forced by their desire to grow with the continuously changing market requirements. Gem Creatives always try to keep up the pace to follow latest trends; digital marketing is the talk of the town & we constantly work around the learning curves. Enlisted below are 5 different digital marketing trends that are happening this year: 

  1. Video Advertising: People are more into visualizing things rather than a long list of words to get to know about the businesses nowadays. Major companies including Facebook & Google are effectively utilizing video or animations to reach consumers. Video marketing is growing day by day in different mobile tech& apps. This seems attractive to consumers as they certainly get to know how to use the particular option. Video graphics or pictures are much more appealing; visual networking index predicted that 82% of audience’s web traffic will be video.
  2. Voice Search: This digital marketing tool isn’t new but the trend to incorporate it has a rapid growth now. Cortana & Siri have been knocking our doors since long while doing some search or browsing data; it was agonizing then but a totally transformed form comes out to be tremendous automation tool now. The audio technology has replaced the entire typing format to search for something on the website, browsing on internet or app. Automation, robotics & smart homes; with simple voice instructions, Alexa will play music, dim the lights, answer our questions & lock the doors. We will see a tremendous growth in availing services of Alexa in 2020.
  • Chatbots: With the advancements in the artificial intelligence, companies are focusing more on the digital marketing platforms. New ways to interact with customers by the use of Chatbots is a new big thing taking the advertisement world to the new heights. These Chatbots are a source of direct communication between the customers & businesses for manipulating data from feedbacks, testing, experimenting & adjusting. Gem Creatives is able to practice this data to frequently enhance the digital experience to create prime customer service. The companies have to run the customer service by employing staff that cost them high but with developments in chatbots. Proper Chatbots cut shorts the expenses for companies & enables a 24/7 excellent customer service.
  • Social Media Listening: Social media is no more for just socializing to know about people with same interests, your friends circle or relatives. Social media platforms are more into advertising now. Almost all the companies are expanding social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram & others to showcase their products to the targeted audience more than ever. The utilization of Social Media influencers Social Listening will work with potential companies that enable the followers to get genuine information. Those who are interested and engaged will find social listening a process of observing your brand’s growth from feedbacks. Social listening includes competitors, industries & topics which allow you to examine and gain insight. This trend is definitely having a potential growth in 2020.


  • Virtual Reality: Trends come & go every now and then but one of the mainstream trends is Virtual Reality which is not going to vanish in near future instead it will exceed a billion in trades by 2025. The giants like Facebook, Youtube & Google are investing more in Virtual Reality. We will see Virtual Reality as an upcoming trends for digital marketing.