Distinctively Designed Print Products & Its Magical Impact

Marketing strategy is a great way of representing your business to the consumers; looking for a reason to stand out first in the competitors’ world, “Upgrade your print products.” Standard print products are no more appealing with a simple white paper & same detailing about the address, contact numbers & Email. Things are quite changed now; print products are in variety from business cards to letterheads.

Companies are using a proper logo to say everything about their business, proper graphics & upgraded print products can change the game. Distinctive design can improve upselling strategy and business will get a boost.

Increase in the capital return through print promotion will definitely increase the products’ value that is actually meeting the clients’ requirements. We at Gem Creatives help the businesses to choose the right print products & how distinctively they can be designed to be unique & stand up among others. We are open about the discussion to know about your business requirements &make suggestions according to the business type thus giving your business a breakthrough. This blog will definitely give your print products creativity & how up gradation in them can boost the business, the options are below.

Exclusive Stocks:


High-end industries have a requirement of elegance & luxurious feel to represent the best of them via the print products. The pearl stock can fulfill this need; a simple shimmery effect visible at changing angles & light reflection is the exact pearlescent feeling that makes the products with an added superior feel. The surface of the print product would be smooth. Ideally the designing is done with pastel colors to maintain the elegancy. This is perfect for the weddings, fashion & high-end retail industry.

  • Florists
  • High-end retail companies
  • Jewellers
  • Stylists
  • Wedding planners

Metallic Foil

A most trendy thing in the print product industry is to “Go Metallic”.A rise in printing products with the metallic foil is enhancing business marketing in return increasing the revenue.Metallic foils are unique that appears sophisticated & high in quality. We at Gem Creatives deliver you a memorable familiarity for customers with metallic foil! These are popular with:

  • Luxury real estate industries
  • Graphic designers
  • High-end retail industries
  • Event Managements

Spot UV

Give your customers a visual pop effect with glossy coating that will raise your business sales. Spot UV adds creative depth & color contrast to the designs that will have an impact for promotional purposes. We at Gem creatives make your print products more premium with Spot UV. Enlisted are some industries that use Spot UV:

  • Marketing agencies
  • Graphic designers
  • Architects
  • Media studios

Customized Die Cutting:

Do your customers want an entirely new shape for the print products??? The standard shapes seem outdated& an entire renovation is required. We at Gem Creatives provide you die cutting services that can give your print products a customized shape. This will definitely boost your name in marketing. We help you with die cut products in a creative way. These businesses mostly require customized print products:

  • Event planners
  • Beverage retailers
  • Graphic designers
  • Marketing agencies
  • Specialty food

 Increase Product Thickness:

The requirement of your customers is durability & premium quality for their print products. There comes to employ the stocks with thickness. We at Gem Creatives recommend increase in thickness to make your products high in quality that helps the businesses create a boundless impression for customers. Upgrades in thickness of print product paper stock include:

  • 14pt to 16pt
  • 18pt to 38pt
  • 80lb to100lb

Grommets Addition:

Large print products need some additional gadgets to hold them or long life. We at Gem Creatives recommend customers to add grommets! These are small metallic rings usually added to large printings that include canvas banners, vinyl, fabric, & others… Grommets have a hole where things can pass to attach it more appropriately thus allowing the print products to be suspended without being ripped.

Gem Creatives is helping their customers to boost their sales by employing distinctively designed print products that are simple yet classy.