How to choose right image for your Design?

Are you in search of tremendous ideas regarding graphic designing or you are graphic designer yourself, this blog is going to give you a sneak peak about graphic stock images. Most of the customers want a brand new graphic image for their website but sometimes the budge,time constraint and unfeasible resources direct the situation towards the use of stock images. They are helpful in fulfilling the customers’ desire & needs. This blog is a compilation of best rehearses for using stock images collection to use in a creative way.

Professional Tips for Employing Stock Images:

It is always good to seek a professional advice before one start considering Stock Images

  1. Consider twice; either this is the only solution for your graphic needs. If not use another option instead of stock images.
  2. The target should be clear to you.
  3. Awareness about the business brand you are designing for..
  4. Audience analysis is a must thing.
  5. See whether the content & stock image is complementing each other.

How to Find Best Stock Images:

  1. Carefully select the websites for free stock images.
  2. Use of filters & search engines can be effective; get familiar with the latest search functions.
  3. Search for specific stock image with the use of search queries. Use a complete keyword or a 3-4 words long phrase that can be expressive.
  4. Found a stock image of your choice; try to find the more with related keywords to get more.
  5. Never select the very first stock image that appeals you.
  6. Collect the thumbnails for stock images;you think you might use in future. Select all of them & then narrow down one by one for specific one.
  7. You can find the same stock image on more than one website allowing you to get more options.

Tricks to Avoid Legal Issues:

  1. Be cautious about using the licensed stock image for client’s website. The team of graphic designers at Gem Creative Endorses Their own photos to build a portfolio so less dependent on stock images.
  2. Be specific about the stock image you use. See some types of stock images:

Royalty Free: These are the collection of stock images you purchased once and you can employ them in graphic designs; but it is restricted to use in posters or other services. There are some license limitations that must be overviewed.

Royalty Free Extended: These stock images can be used in other services like logo or posters too. But always be aware to check the limitations.

Public Domain: It is free to use any way one like or anyone can use.

Right Managed: This requires license purchase for every single use.

Editorial Use: News or Education agencies are allowed to use it.

  1. Courtesy is always good; sometimes the stock image want to give credit to the creator. So do it where necessary.

Do’s& Don’ts for Stock Photos Edit:

  1. Do the changes in stock image according to your requirements.
  2. Color blending is very important. It appears good with RGB; can appear dull in CMYK. Moreover, put the image with all other files in one proper color mode. Amalgamations can create confusion.
  3. Don’t use reflections in your images that give an unprofessional look.
  4. Don’t enforce customers into stock image; instead use the proper photograph for brand’s product.

How to Choose The Best Stock Image:

  1. There should be a specific reason behind selecting a particular stock image.
  2. Get to know about the authenticity.
  3. Avoid weird, creepy & uncandid shots.
  4. Color should complement with rest of the design.
  5. Use of innovative ideas can give inspiration to your image.
  6. Look for outdated stock images.