How Channel Letter Sign Makes A Business Identity?

Channel Letter Sign

As we step out we see everywhere brand names with attractive Channel letter and sign and symbol mostly sparkling with lights. The letter and sign are logos of the company. They are trending in the market as a marketing technique to attract potential customers known as channel letter signs.

What Are Channel Letter Signs?

Channel letter sign is formed with metal or plastic as exterior signage on public buildings or commercials. These have built-in lights used to glow in the evening. Some 3D letters are unlit and applied to panels as dimensional letters. And it can be any character, number, alphabet, sign, or a mixture of all. The highlighted part of it are the face, back, return, and lighting elements. The letter’s sides or returns are made up of aluminum sheeting. The back and face can be of aluminum, acrylic, or nonexistent. Due to the flexibility channel letter sign have various color tones, sizes, and fonts. Gem Creatives Inc. offers you custom signs in Toronto for your specific business needs.

Why Channel Letter Signs Are Important?

Launching a new business is not as simple as it was 50 years back. New business not just only requires finance and a good team. You have to consider various factors. The first image is created and then the customer purchases the product. You can make your product image attractive by using it. It helps give a highlighted and impressive impression to potential customers. You can style channel letter signs according to your brand. Listed below are some highlighted benefits of custom signs in Toronto.

Better Visibility: Letter channel signs are flexible. There are various options when selecting one for the brand. Designing the best that suits the company image gives better visibility and makes it noticeable at first glance.

Aids Branding: attractive letter helps make your brand last long in the mind of customers.

Enhance durability: ever-evolving technology used nowadays to enhance the durability of these signs.

One-time Investment: letter channel sign required low maintenance. Once you invest they last for a long.

Save Energy: innovative channel letter signs are lighted using LED lights that are more durable, efficient, and save energy

Safe: as the letter is lit on low voltage so the glowing sign is cooler and safer when touched by mistake.

Budget-friendly: high-quality are more efficient, with budget-friendly low-voltage lights, and require low maintenance.

Designing Of Channel Letter Signs:

As the channel letter signs are the first impression of your brand, so one has to be careful while designing. There are some important points to keep in mind while designing these signs.


There are some important things to consider while making your sign visible. First and foremost is font. Select a suitable font that is readable from near as well as distance. The letter or sign should be big enough to make them clearly visible from at least 300 feet distance. Avoid using complex and more curving style fonts as they are difficult to get at first glance. The selected simple and stylish font looks appealing and easy to understand. Bold fonts are more appreciated and look classy.


Color plays an important role in the looks of letter signs. Vibrant colors look more appealing than monochrome or darker shades. But the color must be according to the requirement of your brand image. Some brands required funky colors and some monochrome. It’s better to consult a color psychologist to recommend the colors.


Mounting is a good option when customizing letters. However, there are some rules regarding mounting which differ according to the area of business location. But if u have freedom of choice of color and font regardless of the area then there are three options.

Raceway Mount: letters with aluminum back that house electrical components. They can paint following the structure of the building to form an appealing look with colors and the glow of it.

Wireway mount: letters with thin metal strips to house electrical components. They did not paint usually and are not as visible as raceway mounts.

Flush mount: flush mount also known as the direct mount. They directly mount to any structure or building.

Lighting: Accurate lighting increases visibility creates ambiance and is low on budget. So choose wisely after proper research. Listed below are four main options sign companies usually offer

  • Front lit
  • Backlit/Front
  • Reverse lit
  • Open-face lit


The position is also very important mostly brands place them high up above the main entrance, but sometimes the rules of location or structure don’t encourage that. So proper working is required to select the position that suits best custom signs in Toronto

Common Mistakes To Avoid

• Avoid using all font Caps unless your letters are always titled cased.
• Curving text is difficult to understand avoid them. Simple and readable letter gains more attention.
• One most common mistake is not using backer panels. Backer panels are important they improve visibility and give a better contrast level.
• Avoid small letters stoke rather prefer the sign to be prominent.

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