Social Media Marketing

Narrate Your Brand Story

Social media is all about story telling; propagating your brand history & philosophy to your specific set of customers who initially develop an inclination towards your brand that eventually progresses and translates into customer engagement &brand loyalty. It’s the ‘it’ platform to tap as this is where your audiences are present, spend maximum time exploring; wakes up & sleeps to. Therefore, we enable clients to develop a strong brand presence, reach out to their niche & reinforce their message to reach the ultimate goal. We cover all platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube& others.

Social Media Marketing Pakages


$ 550
  • Social Media pages setup (3 platform)
  • 2-3 Articles in a month
  • Social Media Management
  • 6-8 social post monthly
  • 1 social engagement per week
  • Like building compaigns and social media ads
  • Conversion optimized and social media ads
  • 1 monthly landing page update
  • Monthly Reports


$ 749
  • Social Media Pages Setup (5 platform)
  • 4-5 articles in a month
  • Blog Page Update
  • Social Media Management
  • 8-12 Social posts monthly
  • 2 Social Engagement per week
  • Like building compaigns and Social Media ads
  • Conversion optimized Language page
  • 1 Monthly Landing page update
  • Monthly Reports


$ 975
  • Social Media pages setup (7 Platforms)
  • 5-8 articles in a month
  • My Google Business setup
  • Blog Page Update
  • Social media management
  • 8-12 social posts monthly
  • 2 social engagement per week
  • Like building campaigns or social media ads
  • 1 monthly landing page update
  • Conversion optimized landing page
  • Monthly Reports
  • Paid advertising $50-$100/Monthly

Benefits for your Business

Increases brand awareness

Support for the formation of the company’s image or brand using the multimedia capabilities of social networking


SMO allows you to get feedback from potential and real customers to improve the quality of services

Increases audience loyalty

Formation of user confidence in the brand, product, company, achieved through the interaction within the social network

Base of potential customers

SMO allows you to build a base of potential customers for further conversion into real customers

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