The Difference Between Matte And Glossy Finish

Matte And Glossy Finish

The official representation of your business is the printed products that give the customer a deeper overview of your services. Print products can be published on different finished papers. More often clients ask for recommendations from us that what kind of finish will suit their particular business brand? Gem Creatives is certainly ready to help them among plenty of finishing options to choose from. With around a decade in this market, we can precisely look into the paper print product & their respective impact on the targeted audience. We at Gem Creatives narrow down the list according to your business demands, then clients can choose the one best for them. This blog might give you a detailed introduction of Matte And Glossy Finish either to choosing matte or glossy finishes…

Matte Finish:

Corporate companies, universities & other sober businesses like to opt for Matte finishes for their print products. The appearance of Matte finish is:

  • That does not reflect light has less shine.
  • Softer colors & images with better tonal range.
  • Smooth & silky-soft touch.

Gem Creatives is providing Matte finish under two categories:

  • Standard Matte
  • Matte / Silk Lamination

Standard Matte:

  • The most common & popular choice is the standard matte.
  • The finish is formed by printing color ink on coated paper.
  • No cover or finish is required once printing is done. The ink sets on the paper usually appear to light sheen.
  • It is the most economical option.

Matte / Silk Lamination:

  • Silk lamination gives a smooth & silky feeling. then our standard matte
  • A velvet appearance with a soft touch makes it different from standard matte.
  • It a more elegant & subtle with a larger tonal range.

Recommended Customers for Matte Finish:

  • Those who want softer focus images & softer colors.
  • Those who want a simple but elegant, modest print product.
  • Matte Finish print products give a concrete & tactile appearance & representation.

Glossy Finish:

Play areas, cinemas & restaurants are more likely to use glossy finishes as the purpose is to attract the audience with catchy colors & shiny surfaces. The glossy print product appears:

  • Bright because of the high reflection.
  • Catchy & vibrant colors with Highlights Detailing.
  • The shiny surface looks wet but makes up for the outstanding finish.

Gem Creative offers different glossy finishing products according to the demands of the customers & business types. We can look for either option written below with your customer’s consent.

  • AQ Coating
  • UV Coating
  • Gloss Lamination

AQ Coating:

  • The best amalgamation of glossy & matte finish is AQ coating.
  • It does not allow the dirt & fingerprints to stay on it.
  • It is a water-based coating directly applied after printing.

UV Coating:

  • To give the print product a shiner appearance with a glossy look, UV coating is best.
  • Vibrant, saturated & catchy appearance.

Gloss Lamination:

  • Unlike wet coating that is sprayed after the printing, the glossy lamination is applied like a thin plastic covering after printing.
  • It provides the print product from water or wet surface with a protective layer that adds shine to it.

Recommended Customers for Glossy Finish:

  • Businesses that need vibrant colors with a catchy appearance.
  • Enhanced & detailed images; much expressive.
  • Print products to represent at sale time.


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