Want To Run A Business Page On Facebook?

Run A Business Page On Facebook

Business promotions are now quite different from the conventional ways; social networking sites are talk of the town, from celebrity gossips to business advertisement all comes under this gable. With the number of Facebook followers increasing each day, it has exceed almost 500 million people those who sign up, socialize, advertise & much more… Businesses that are running online promotions through Facebook should keep some do’s & don’ts while promoting it on social networking sites. Run A Business Page On Facebook can be quite helpful for you.

Running & developing a Facebook page doesn’t assure your success rather proper marketing strategy lead it in the right way. Let the audience feel your presence by developing amazing & interactive content, live session, video content marketing, social media posts & many more…. We at Gem Creatives provide you all these services to give your business a boost. We keep in mind the do’s & don’ts; this blog is intended to give you an overview of them…

Run A Business Page On Facebook Do’s

Biography:  Just like human biography, Facebook pages also need a proper introduction about the business brand. It is a common mistake many companies do; by leaving their ‘INFO’ section incomplete,blank or nebulously filled.Authentic information boosts customer’s experience giving them confidence about the page & it’s services. Empty info section creates doubt about the business and it’s authenticity.

Activity: Your active business account for Facebook will definitely make a difference; regular postings increase the visual marketing & customers most often see the posts & other interactive materials published by the admin.Likes & comments are one step forward leading to the sharing. Sharing the content is the real business booster.

Frequent Postings:Constant & regular postings play an important role in engaging customers. Your posting on social media put you on customers’ News Feed; there the can have regular view of your page. Try to be concise & meaningful with your content to reach the customers expectation and engagement..

Promotions & Deals:  Sale, sale , sale J; The most loved word in the world of business brand. People usually look over especially when there is some promotion or deal. Generate promo code every now & then to attract the consumer. We at Gem Creatives offer special deals to increase business relationship with clients.

Hashtags Game:Hashtags is the new method to search the relevant page. Use of good hashtags will surely enhance consumer’s visits. Try to place the most appropriate words to get in the search engine.

Include Video Content: Adding some graphics & animations to create video content. People more focus on the visual marketing then reading the content now a days. Adding an image or video can increase the viewership by 2.3%.

Listen to the Gut Feeling:Human mind has a special instinct that let them know whether things are going right or there is something fishy or need change. This special sense brings you to improve every time.


Excessive Post: Excessive posting can be annoying; not to expect an overwhelming response from the audience. Try to post within the limit, 1-2 posts would be more than enough for a day. Don’t let the customers feel sticky.

Hashtags Overload: Following the same pattern as for post, limit the number of hashtags. Excessive is always annoying.

Irrelevant content: Don’t put irrelevant content; stick to your genuine & engaging content. For example, Gem Creatives posts about their relevant services like graphic designing, print services & more like these. It doesn’t post about music that is totally irrelevant.

Fake Followers:Business brands pay people for fake following that is totally unethical. Also people that are genuine followers get annoyed of this. Irrelevant comments tell the whole story. Avoid this strategy to get more genuine experience.

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